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“Remembering our babies and

honouring their little lives”


"I am sorry there is no heartbeat" The harrowing words heard by so many families daily...


Every day, in the UK alone 17 families wake up to find this is their reality. Every single day 17 families hear the words "I am sorry there is no heart beat, or I am sorry your baby will not survive". The care that parent's and families receive after a loss is critical to help them to heal...


Providing them with a simple Act of Kindness speaks volumes to a bereaved Mother, Father or family. Offering to assist with the shopping, cooking some meals that they can pop in the freezer or running some errands can be so helpful.


I was fortunate to have friends and family who picked me up and carried me for some time. Weeks on, these Acts of Kindness are providing generous healing to my broken heart and allowing me to grieve and look after myself.


Remembering that everyday a bereaved parent faces, will be different to the next and that you just might offer them the comfort they so desperately need- but wont ask for.


Insulate them, not isolate them. They do need you.