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“Remembering our babies and

honouring their little lives”

Thank you for considering donating to OWF. The generosity of our supporters helps to fund the work we do. Your help is greatly appreciated. Raising awareness is so important to reach out to those who are bereaved.


OWF is a local Registered Charity (1169892) run by trustees who have personally experienced the pain and emptiness of personally leaving the hospital without their much wanted baby or knows and has supported someone close to them who has.


Our aim is to raise awareness of the impact of pregnancy and baby loss and bring some comfort to bereaved parents and their families after the loss of a baby.


We provide the Love-a-Bear programme to hospitals for midwives to give to newly bereaved mothers, fathers and families. We also reach out to parents who contact us via our website, email and Facebook and send dedicated bears, from one sadly bereaved parent to another.




What your donations will go towards:


  • Leaflets to support parents, family and friends with information following the devastating loss of a baby

  • Information for parents, family and friends to understand the process of what lies ahead

  • Love-a-Bear programme providing comfort to children after the loss of a sibling, cousin, niece or nephew

  • Love-a-Bear programme providing comfort to bereaved parents after the devastation and loss of their baby.