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“Remembering our babies and

honouring their little lives”


Our Vision


To provide support for parents, families and siblings who experience the loss of their baby.


Our Values


  • Dedicated to raising awareness

  • Compassionate about making a difference

  • Respecting grief is a journey for each individual and is totally personal and unique to them

  • Validation of every life that is conceived

  • Offering every parent, family or sibling the same information and support without judgment

  • Equal acceptance and acknowledgement of every loss for every loss is unique.


Our Objectives


Oscar's Wish Foundation is established for parents, families and siblings to:


  • Provide support through Bereavement Packs and to raise awareness

  • To help relieve the suffering, distress and misfortune experienced by parents, families and siblings who have lost their baby through miscarriage, stillbirth, genetic interruption, multiple loss, neonatal or infant death

  • Provision of online support through information and a message board

  • Holding community and fundraising events to support and raise awareness

  • To reduce the feeling of loneliness, depression, anxiety and isolation felt by grieving

  • Support Network for parents by increasing contact with other families who have experienced similar loss

  • Support for parents, families and siblings who have experienced a pregnancy, birth or infant loss with the donation of our "Love-a-Bear" program.