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☕️ Rescheduled Coffee morning is back this Thursday….. ☕️

Yay! Rescheduled Coffee morning is back this Thursday…..

☕️ …..We are sorry last week had to change last minute but the venue had some technical issues which meant we were unable to hire the space

☕️ We are excited to have been able to reschedule this months meet for this **Thursday**

☕️ Please feel free to pop in, join us for the whole time, bring a friend/family member or come meet us by yourself when you are ready

So what information do you need to know?

When- This Thursday

Where- Freshmill Serviced Offices, Hot Desks & Meeting Rooms, Haywards Heath

When- 10-12 noon

🤍☕️We welcome you to join us for a hot drink and a chat. 🤍☕️

🛋️We have a cosy, warm and safe space to meet which offers confidential space as well as space to meet others and chat openly. The space allows you room to just "Be".

📚We have a small library of books that you are welcome to borrow and return. We have information and signposting available too.

👧🏼👧🏻Lucinda and Lucy will warmly welcome you on Thursday. (OWF Charity Ambassadors and Commnuity Champions)

✔️Register here or just arrive ⬇️

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