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Oscar's Wish Foundation (OWF) is a Registered Charity (1169892) based in Sussex. 


We provide comfort and support to Parents and siblings following the loss of a baby or babies before, during or shortly after birth.


We are working all over Sussex offering Bereavement Support, Specialist Bereavement Counselling* and  Support Programmes for Mums and Dads. 


We are working alongside the Brighton Sussex and University Hospitals in Sussex to create gentle, calm spaces for families to spend time with their baby/ies within their Hospitals. We have undertaken a number of Refurbishment projects across the Early Pregnancy Units and Labour Ward to date


"We truly cannot thank you enough for creating such a safe, well equipped space for us to say hello and goodbye to our beautiful baby boys"


We base our Charity on heartfelt, compassionate experiences to educate and raise awareness of loss for Parents, Siblings and the whole family.


We have a range of Resources, a Library, Information Packs and Bereavement Support Programmes available.


Our online Support Groups have allowed a dedicated space for Parents to explore their feelings, thoughts and share their grief journey with others.


"This group has been a real lifeline for me during some of the hardest days of my life"

The Trustees


Gemma Kybert – Founder


A Mother to a child with wings, Qualified Early Childhood Teacher, College Lecturer.


After many health complications I fell pregnant with my lovely little Oscar Jensen in May 2014. My beautiful Oscar was still born at 26 weeks (6 months) My waters broke at 18 weeks when I experienced a tear in the amniotic sac. Starting "Oscar's Wish Foundation" has allowed me to acknowledge and honor my baby boy in a very precious and memorable way. This has been my focus and paramount to my grieving process. Knowing that my story and experience is similar to that of many woman and that sharing my experience may help others has contributed incredibly to my healing.


Oscar's short life has also created an inner strength with has given me the ability to try and help others. I have drawn great comfort from the many amazing people who have contacted me and shared their stories enabling us to help each other through the most devastating times of our lives.


Tracey Gunes – Trustee


As a Nanna to Baby Oscar and Mummy to Gemma I wanted to be involved in OWF and become a Trustee. I sadly experienced many loses throughout the years. I experienced 5 devastating miscarriages amongst my 3 biological children. These are experiences that will never leave me and will always be part of my story as a mother. I have fostered many children over the last 27 years and am the proud mummy to two adopted children who completed our family. I understand how much being a parent is an investments of our hearts and I feel for other parents who have experienced similar loses. My heart goes out to each of you.


Kirsten Thomas – Trustee & Treasurer for OWF


Being a close friend of Gemma's since 2001 I feel incredibly sad for the loss of Oscar. I was honoured and feel privileged to be asked to be part of OWF. Gemma has been like a mother and big sister to my children who love her so much. She is the most selfless/caring, beautiful person I know and she will make a great success of the Foundation assisting others who go through similar experiences. She will make Oscar proud and ensure that the Foundation helps as many families as possible.


Sarah Comley – Trustee and Designer for OWF


Gemma is an inspiration to me and to everyone she meets. I agreed to be a Trustee and to help raise awareness of stillbirth. It is a subject very close to my heart. I am a lone twin who lost her identical twin sister at 42 weeks, she was stillborn. I have another wonderful sister and two children who I adore, but still think about my angel sister every day of my life.


Sophie Stone – Trustee to OWF


Mummy and Daddy to a daughter with wings, our beautiful Daughter - Jessica Stone. We have become Trustees for Oscar's Wish Foundation after meeting Gemma through our devastating loses. We lost our Daughter, Jessica in July 2014 when I was 21 weeks pregnant. Losing Jessica was without a doubt the worst thing we could ever have experienced and we both couldn’t be happier and more honoured to become Trustees for this wonderful Charity.


We look forward to being a part of many changes being made for the better and since having our son, Alfie born 3 months early in 2016, we fully appreciate the need for there to be support for families throughout their grieving journey and their future... whatever that may be.

"Remembering our babies and honouring their little lives"

Our Vision

To provide support for parents, families and siblings who experience the loss of their baby.

Our Values

  • Dedicated to raising awareness

  • Compassionate about making a difference

  • Respecting grief is a journey for each individual and is totally personal and unique to them

  • Validation of every life that is conceived

  • Offering every parent, family or sibling the same information and support without judgment

  • Equal acceptance and acknowledgement of every loss for every loss is unique.


Our Objectives

Oscar's Wish Foundation is established for parents, families and siblings to:


  • Provide support through Bereavement Packs and to raise awareness

  • To help relieve the suffering, distress and misfortune experienced by parents, families and siblings who have lost their baby through miscarriage, stillbirth, genetic interruption, multiple loss, neonatal or infant death

  • Provision of online support through information and a message board

  • Holding community and fundraising events to support and raise awareness

  • To reduce the feeling of loneliness, depression, anxiety and isolation felt by grieving

  • Support Network for parents by increasing contact with other families who have experienced similar loss

  • Support for parents, families and siblings who have experienced a pregnancy, birth or infant loss with the donation of our "Love-a-Bear" program.

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