Online Support

Our dedicated online support groups are available for you to access when you feel it is appropriate for you. You can use this service to talk online with our volunteers, other members and parents to find support, understanding and information.

This is a Private Group service and all members are asked to answer the membership questions before being accepted. This is to ensure the integrity of the group.

All our volunteers are bereaved parents themselves and are there to:

  • Listen and care when you need someone to talk to

  • Offer emotional support and an opportunity to talk through your feelings or have questions

  • Put you in touch, where possible, with your nearest local or group support or other peer to peer support

  • Supply supportive information, events or leaflets by email or post

  • Signpost you to other services and useful sources of information.


These are private, closed groups on Facebook and they function a bit like a ‘virtual’ support group. You can talk to other parents via posts. 


They are safe groups and often newly bereaved parents move between them. Our hope is that these groups will offer you support, encouragement, and friendship.


To join, please contact the moderator by emailing Gemma at and specifying which group you feel is best for your needs.


Private Mummies Online Support Group

Private Daddies Online Support Group

Journey Over the Rainbow and Beyond

Our Little Stars Group

Our Shooting Stars Group

Private Online Support for Friends and Family

The moderator will ask you a few questions about your loss and then you will be emailed a link via Facebook to join the group.

Oscar's Wish Foundation

OWF offers comfort and support to parents, family, friends and siblings who have experienced the devastating loss of a precious baby before, during or shortly after birth.


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