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For Parents


Dads Grieve Too

It is vital that support for fathers is as recognised as it is for mothers. So often we have found that fathers have not reached out for any type of support at all and the repercussions of this have been heartbreaking.

"But I had to be strong for my partner, I could not let her see me cry!"

With this in mind we set up our third Awareness Campaign "Dads Grieve Too" and have a dedicated open Facebook Page for Fathers to message privately, post or see other articles that have been posted by our Charity's Daddies to provide much needed support.

You can follow our Dad's Grieve Too page by following this link. It is an open page full of information for anyone affected by the loss of a baby or babies. 


Dad's please get in touch if you would like to know how to access our Daddies (Private) Online Support Group.

Angel Gowns

Having met some amazing families since 2015 it became clear very quickly that many families had struggled to find clothes for their little ones. Mainly because they were so tiny or very delicate but also because their baby was born so soon and they were not prepared for such an early delivery.


With this in mind we created a tremendous team of volunteers who so kindly knit or create precious angel gowns for OWF to send to local hospitals, families or funeral homes so that their babies can be laid to rest with dignity. These gowns, blankets and little knitted hats are made with pure love and sent on to families who may need them.

"There is no footprint so small, that cannot leave an imprint in this world."

If you know a family that may like an angel gown please get in contact with the team at


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