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Brian And The Shiny Star

Brian and the Shiny Star, a book dedicated to Oscar's Wish Foundation was written by one of my friends Nicky Edwards. Nicky and I have been friends for over 10 years and she has been a tower of strength to me since saying goodbye to Oscar. Families can purchase their own copy which is available on Amazon.


Every book sold will see a 50p donation back to OWF to fund providing copies of Brian and the Shiny Star for bereavement bags in Sussex Hospitals.


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"Remembering our babies and honouring their little lives"

Bereavement Support Programme

Oscar's Wish Foundation currently supports two local hospitals in Sussex with Bereavement Support. We work closely with the Bereavement Midwives to meet the needs of families who lose a precious baby before, during or shortly after birth. Our first point of contact is with a supply of Bereavement Support Bags that are funded by local fundraising and compiled by the local community.


These Bereavement Support Bags contain precious items that a family may find comforting in the days and weeks following their loss. These bags are a resource that over time become Memory Bags and a special place for families to hold precious memories that they made with their baby.


If you know a family who may benefit from our support please email –



The Love-a-Bear Programme is a sensitive way to show those whom you love and care about that you are thinking of them at such a devastating time. I received one myself and I named him 'Oscar' after my little boy who I had lost a week prior. It allows you to have something to hug and hold when you feel sad or upset.

"My arms were empty and my heart ached. I just needed something to hold."

The programme includes a soft plush teddy bear with a smiley face (approx. 20cm), a cotton bag to use as a memory bag to store precious mementos and a range of helpful leaflets to help your loved one through some of the most harrowing days following a miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal passing.

Oscar's Wish Foundation

OWF offers comfort and support to parents, family, friends and siblings who have experienced the devastating loss of a precious baby before, during or shortly after birth.


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