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BLAW2021-Day 2

When your baby or babies have died we understand from conversations with many parents that the motivation and enjoyment of day to day tasks can feel overwhelming and hardwork.

Looking after ourselves is so important and many tell us that this can be easier said than done on some days.

Asking yourself “What do I need?” “What is it that I need to get through today” can help remind ourselves that eating, drinking water and fresh air and exercise will help fuel our bodies to work through the many emotions that we may be feeling.

The days, weeks and months following a loss may mean that we need to rely on those around us for some support.

💙 Maybe neighbours, friends or family could cook something and pop on your door step?

💗 Those around you might be able to fetch a few groceries and essentials for you?

🤍 You might find that replying to texts rather than seeing many people more manageable?

Whatever you need or works for you to meet your needs.

“I did not leave the house for the first couple of weeks so well meaning texts, door step food parcels and bread and milk deliveries really helped me to slowly build up the strength to face the world”

How do you look after yourself?

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