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BLAW2021-Day 3

Today is Day 3- BLAW2021 and we will be talking to lovely Jenni from All Ears counselling, based here in #Sussex.

Jenni works alongside us at Oscars Wish Foundation from here private practice and has done for 4 years.

Jenni offers bereavement counselling and support to couples and families who have sadly experienced baby loss, including IVF, miscarriage, stillbirth and neonatal death.

The funded sessions that we offer would not be possible without the core service that Jenni offers.

The theme for this years #BLAW2021 is Wellbeing.

In our relaxed video podcast we talk about wellbeing and the topics that are so pivotal to this-

Boundaries – how to set them (for example when people are pressing for information or details which the person may find uncomfortable or not wishing to disclose)

Awareness – how to build awareness of our needs after trauma and loss

Permission – allowing ourselves to "do grief our way". There is no right or wrong way- grief is not linear

Seeking Comfort – how to find connection and comfort after loss

Sending love & Support from OWF💗💙

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