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Celebration of life and memorial this Christmas

Very early morning start here at Oscar’s Wish Hq as we prepare for todays recordings and voice over for our (online) reading of babies names to complete our video.

For the last 3 years we have held a Memorial of Celebration and Life leading up to the Christmas and the festive period. We have gathered previously at the Ascension church in #haywardsheath to unite together and honour each baby and life.

The service has always included the lighting of a beautiful candle as the names of our precious children are read aloud.

Parents and family members have been invited to read poems, share precious sayings or readings to honour every life.

A gentle gathering afterwards with support, listening ears and open hearts coupled with refreshments has always been how the gathering has gently come to a close.

Last year we were unable to hold a service at all. The covid infection rates were too high and too risky so a small group of us socially distanced gathered to create and honour our babies (The link to our recorded offering from 2020 is in the comments)

This year, again due to covid, illness and insurance we are sadly unable to host an in person service safely so we are doing our best, honouring our babies in a slightly different way.

Every little one, every little life is remembered in the lighting of our candle. Every little life conceived is honoured as we place the heart on our tree of love.

We grieve them, we mourn them, we love them, we miss them.

Today and everyday is for you little ones.

“Remembering our babies and honouring their little lives”

Sending Love & Support from OWF 💙💗

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