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Christmas Service of Memorial & Celebration to remember our loved babies

In just over 30 hours time we will be at the church and centre preparing for our beautiful, gentle Annual Christmas Service.

It is such an honour to provide this united gathering to honour all of our babies and children. Those who worn over 50 years ago will be honoured tomorrow along with those sadly born weeks ago.

You are all welcome.

So what do you need to know?

❤️Have you already registered for the Christmas Service of Memorial tomorrow by following the link below?

🌲Yes? Thank you- please make sure you complete all of the questions.

♥️No? If you would like to join us please know that by registering you allow to know how many of everything we need when we pack the van tonight and how much food we will need to cater for in the morning.

🌲We totally understand that you may be feeling anxious or worried about coming along, especially if this is your first time or you are not sure if you would like to commit to attending. That is ok, we get it (we have been there too) and you are more than welcome to come along (if you decide on the morning of the event).

♥️In this case we politely ask that you just pop us an email to let us know that you might be coming so we can make sure we have plenty of everything.

🌲If you change your mind last minute to- we understand. Again, we politely ask if you can just pop us an email ( to let us know.

♥️Thank you all for your help with making sure this special, gentle and beautiful event is as smooth as possible for everyone joining us.

Last minute reminders…… Have you-

✔️Told us the name of your little one(s) that you would like read aloud in church? If not- you can pop Gemma an email or add their names in the comments below (or re register as you did before)

✔️ Informed us about any dietary requirements?

✔️ Completed the online form to come along tomorrow?

By checking all of the points above, you are helping us hugely. Sending love and Understanding. Love OWF 💙💗


Please register here 👇🏽

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