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♥️🎄 Frequently asked Questions 🎄♥️

🎄♥️Frequently asked questions 🎄♥️

📍Where is the event?

Ascension Church, Haywards Heath, West Sussex

⏰What time does it start?


👦🏽Is the gathering suitable for children?

Absolutely, the service is about 40 mins long but you are welcome to nip out with them if you need too. You know your children best and if that would be too long for them.

The community centre will have plenty of refreshments and some table top activities for children 3+ (with supervision) to do afterwards

🧁 Are dietary requirements catered for?

Yes, we have a selection of milks for the tea & coffee and vegan, gluten free and egg free cakes.

🦽Is the venue accessible?

Yes, the church and the community centre is fully accessible for wheel chairs and it is all on one level. There are accessible toilets

🚗 Parking, is there any where to park?

There is a small car park. There is plenty of on street parking in surrounding roads within a short walk.

🌂 The doors to the Churchill be opened at 3pm. If the weather is kind to us 🙏 then waiting just outside the doors is advised however if the weather is not the crisp sunshine I’ve ordered 😉 then waiting in your cars is advised.

We are looking forward to gently welcoming you.


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