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Join our online support groups and create a network around you

Our online support groups are generally small groups that can be a big source of support.

Our groups have been created to give support by sharing with others who have had similar experiences during and after the loss of a baby in various stages of pregnancy.

The aim of the groups is to create a community which is kind, compassionate and understanding of each individuals unique experiences, beliefs and coping mechanisms.

The group is run by volunteers and therefore cannot offer medical or counselling advice but instead can help sign post you to appropriate services.

Oscar’s Wish Foundation supports anyone affected by losing a baby before, during or shortly after birth. We offer a wide range of resources and specialist bereavement counselling.

We have various groups available. For example support for those who have lost a baby after 14 weeks gestation can be sought through Our Shooting Stars page and for Fathers on the Dads Grieve Too open FB page or Private support group.

We have groups for Friends & Family and a private mummies group.

It is so important that we surround ourselves with people who have an understanding and can support us through the most difficult days.

For more information please send us a message on FB or pop us an email-

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