Missing my baby in the lead up to Christmas….

Approaching Christmas can feel really, really tough.

Wanting to involve the little one/s who are missing in the festivities, wishing that they were here to join in and missing them so much that your heart physically hurts.

Finding peace and calm can feel impossible.

Have you tired a technique called the High Five Breath?

This technique can help you feel a sense of calm as you pay full attention to your breathing. It helps you to match your mindful movement to your breathing as you focus your attention on calming your mind.

Why not give it a go? Here is how-

1- hold your chosen hand up

2- start by placing your finger at the outside edge of the thumb on the opposite hand. Breathe in and use your index finger to trace up to the top very slowly…..breathe in……….then slowly…... Breathe out and slowly trace down the inside of your thumb.

3- keep slowly breathing in…. And …… out as you trace slowly up and down each of your fingers.

4- repeat on the other hand.

Your in breath increases energy while your out breath calms.