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Our online Community

In our private online community we have been covering themes and topics for discussion.

These have spanned over the last few months and are topics often spoken about or asked in messages and emails that we receive.

We have covered the letters A- K of the grief and babyloss alphabet and this week we are looking at the letter L.

These themes help us to shape the support that we offer and open up conversation around some difficult or uncomfortable topics.

Did you know that we have 4 private online communities?

🤍Baby Loss Community for Mums and those identifying as Mums

🤍Baby Loss Support for Family & Friends

🤍Baby Loss Community for Dads and those identifying as Dads

🤍Pregnancy After Baby Loss Community

If you would like to know more about any of these groups or feel that they might be what you are looking for or needing right now please pop us a private message and we can explain how to join.

Thinking of you

Love & Understanding from OWF💗💙

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