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Recommend age 5+

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My Grief Workbook has been created by our charity founder, bereaved mother, teacher and educator. It has been created for children who have been affected by baby loss.

Initially it was created for her 2 children to explain what happened when their brother died. It has been adapted to support you to.

This Grief Workbook offers a space for children to think about how they are feeling and it gives an opportunity to open up conversation. It is never easy to know how to answer every question or how to support each emotion but this work book allows them to explore with your guidance.

When someone dies it can be very upsetting for a child. When a baby or babies die before, during or shortly after birth this can cause all kinds of confusion, feelings, questions and concerns.

A child's understanding of the concept of dying will vary and this can depend on the child's age, stage of development and experience of bereavement.

This workbook can be effective when offered alongside the Making Memories children's bereavement support boxes or as a standalone support.

Let children lead and explore their feelings and support them as they need. We are here to support you if you need us. 🤍

A time to say Goodbye- My grief workbook by OWF

  • This product compliments our bereavement support resources for children. Please have a look through our online shop for more information 🤍

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