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Our "Remembering You" project means that you can request a card sent from OWF on an important date to honour and remember your precious little one(s).


It might be

♥️ a birthday,

♥️ an anniversary or

♥️ another milestone that you wish to mark


We understand the worry felt by bereaved parents.

The worry that our precious little ones won’t be remembered by others as time passes by.


We understand how sad it is when a milestone comes round and the only card on the shelf is the card that you brought.

It can hurt to think that our baby(ies) have been forgotten.


We understand. This is why we have created this project called “Remembering You”.


How it works-


1- You complete the form giving us as much information as possible to ensure that we can post a card out to you with plenty of time.


2- We organise the card and get it out to you as soon as is possible via 2nd class post. (Please ensure you allow 3-5 days from ordering to the date that you hope to receive it by)



Please bare time frame in mind when requesting a date for the card to arrive by.

We have no control over the postal delivery times.

Please allow plenty of time especially at busier times of the year like Christmas.

We suggest allowing a minimum 5 days from ordering your card until recipient receives it in the post. The more notice that you can give us the more time we have to post it safely to you.

“Remembering You”- Request a card gifted from us on an important date/ milest

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