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Supporting Children- How can a “Making Memories” Box be used?

Oscar's Wish Foundation have created a "Making Memories" box for children that is just for them.

Finding ways to remember or honour the baby(ies) who have died can feel like a minefield for grieving parents. The support boxes that we have created take that stress and worry away from you and can help children explore their feelings, thoughts & ideas though creativity.

For a child to be able to take their siblings memory forward, can be a helpful part of the grieving process for us as adults but also for children too.

Once the child has made, created and worked through all of the items contained in the box then the child can explore and chose items that they might like to keep to honour their sibling.

Whatever your child chooses to put into a "Making Memories" memory box can be used to tell the baby siblings story later in life. This can help even very young children build up a store of memories that they may otherwise be too young to hold on to.

Be mindful that....

* Depending on the age of your child, they may want to look through the memory box alone once they have made all of the craft items.

*They may want to have a parent, sibling, or relative with them to share the memories.

*Some children may need a bit of time before they feel ready to look at the memory box and other children might not feel they ever need to look in the memory box.

*Some children become quite precious of their memory box and may want to keep it somewhere safe.

This is their box and something to help them so they must feel like they can use it as they need.

The "Making Memories" children's support box shown in the photo is created for 3-5 year olds. We also have a box suitable for age 6+

You can view them here-

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