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Children's Grief Support Box (Older Child)


How do you begin to explain the devastating loss of a baby to a child?

Where do you even start? Through craft and creativity siblings, cousins, children can explore thier feelings as they work through the many activites in their creative box.

They can automonously work thorugh them in their own time allowing them to own thier grief.

Once all activites are complete- the clip shut box serves as a memory box to keep and collect precious memories.


Suitable for children age 6+


Activities Included will vary-

- Ceramic Heart Box to decorate

- Sew you own heart

- Decorate a wooden heart tea light candle holder

- Battery operated tea light candle

- Felt Tip pens

- Shaped Card box to decorate

- Children's Charity Wristband

- Crochet Butterfly

- Forget-Me-Not Seeds to plant

- Plant pot to decorate

- Paints and paint brush

- Card making items

- Stickers/ Balloons

- Small memory bear

- and more

Children's Making Memories (Grief Support) Older Child 6+

  • Please note that items may vary and change from time to time due to the availabilty from our suppliers. However every effort is taken to offer a like for like item.

    Please note that it is the adults preference to offer the battery operated tea light to the child. This is included in the box but we ask parents/ adults to decide if it is appropriate from a safety perspective.

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