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🌈The silence surrounding a rainbow pregnancy 🌈

💻 If you follow various platforms on social media then you may have felt bombarded with posts about Rainbow baby day yesterday. Whilst it was a National Day to celebrate our precious rainbows we want to take the opportunity to raise awareness of the difficulties that surround a rainbow pregnancy.

💔 It is important that we raise awareness and remind people that a rainbow baby does not replace the baby or babies that have died.

❤️🩹 It doesn’t make everything “better” and it doesn’t mean that we stop grieving and longing for the baby/babies we miss.

😐 The reality of a rainbow pregnancy is different for everyone. It is important to validate that everyone’s experiences are different. Many new and expectant parents explain the pregnancy as a varied range of emotions.

🌈 For me personally it was a daily struggle between fear, happiness, worry and trying desperately to enjoy the pregnancy.

⛈ Some days we’re plagued with severe hypremises which added fear, frustration and concern and others were spent asleep all day because it meant I wouldn’t worry if I wasn’t thinking.

🌞 I had such a full heart because this opportunity was so appreciated and I felt gratitude like never before.

The reality is that not everyone gets their rainbow.

Not everyone is able to have a happy ever after and it’s important that we share the reality.

Take things at your own pace.

Thinking of you.


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