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BLAW2021-Day 4

#BLAW2021 Day 4-We are thinking about those on the frontline and how they look after families and provide care and support.

Today we are joined in the studio by Sariah a Bereavement Midwife for the NHS.

Sariah is a dedicated and hardworking midwife who practices clinically and supports parents during the most devastating times. Before, during and after the loss of a baby or babies.

Sariah champions the work that OWF offer within the trust and signposts families that need support to a range of charities, groups and services as well as to us here at Oscars Wish Foundation.

During our video podcast we chat about-

*The role of a Bereavement Midwife- what does your role involve?

*Working with families- How do you do this and what support do you provide to parents?

*What support is there for you and the team after working so closely with trauma and loss- what support is there for you working on the frontline?

*What things would really help support your role further? What do you need?

We would like to direct anyone who chooses to watch and finds any part of the conversation distressing or upsetting to contact-

SANDS Free Helpline on 0808 164 3332

The telephone helpline is free to call from landlines or mobiles.

Please take care of yourselves.

You can find our chat here-

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