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Supporting children 🤍

When a child or young person is bereaved of a baby sibling, grief can affect them too.

It could be that their grief shows in emotions, behaviour and you notice different things every day, not just at specific times of the year. Children vibe off of us so it important to be aware of these changes

and also how to support them.

There maybe difficult conversations that they hear or tap into, they feel worry or concern for you as they see you working through your grief or there might be a reminder of special family times without their baby sibling that can feel sad for them.

As adults we understand that grief can feel isolating. For children it can feel confusing.

If you are working through your own grief and are providing support to a child or young person it would be helpful to find someone to talk to about ideas and strategies.

This part of grief can feel utterly exhausting…..this can feel like a challenging time.

When supporting children it is important too-

♥️ Acknowledge their Feelings

💙 Create New Traditions to honour their sibling

💛 Seek Support if needed

💚 Encourage Self Care & awareness

Thinking of you.💙💗

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