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Children’s Grief Awareness Week 2021

How can we support children after the loss of a baby?

Many of us may question exactly this if we have other children, cousins or little people that will ask "where is the baby?" or "why were you in hospital and don't have your baby?" like my little brother did.

That was a hard, hard day.

There are resources that can help us try to explain what has happened and help children make sense of their feelings. Many of the books that are written are to help children understand their thoughts, feelings and questions as the child tries to comprehend their grief and make sense of what has happened.

Unlike adults children do tend to "jump in and out" of their grief, questioning and reasoning. some refer to it as "Puddle jumping".

Some children may feel very absorbed by their grief and others not seem to be affected.

Children might feel wary of asking questions or they might seemingly "get on" with life as before. They may also feel a little mixed up if information is given that they do not completely understand.

It is important to remember that each child or young person is an individual and therefore will react differently. Having supportive adults around that can listen to any questions that they might have is the most valuable resource.

Our website has some helpful suggestions about supporting children under the "For Children" tab.

Sending Love & Support OWF 💙💗

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