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"Lockdown" Rainbow Mummy Meet Up

Have you had your beautiful Rainbow baby during lockdown? Have you felt isolated? Would you like to meet other Mummies who have experienced the precious loss of a baby and have gone on to have their rainbow during the Pandemic?

****************************************************************************************** Please come along to our event and meet other mummies who also feel like the world has stopped and access to services has been reduced massively. Host, lovely Mummy Emily, has organised this get together in conjunction with OWF. What is it? Join us for a lovely get together with a music session for you and your rainbow baby. Who is running it? Music Bus will come along and hold the session for you and your baby to join in and meet other mummies. Where is it and when? The event will take place at the beautiful Beech Hurst Gardens in Haywards Heath. Please keep an eye on this event page for more updates and information.

Date - Wednesday August 19th 2020 Time - 11.30am Please bring a blanket to sit on and an instrument. (You can make one by adding some dried lentils or pasta into the baby bottle or lidded cup!) Oscar's Wish Foundation will supply the teas and coffees (from Harvester) and Emily has covered the initial cost for Music Bus to offer this session - Thank you Emily!

Copy and Paste the link into your task bar to reserve your space.

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