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Race Night for Oscar's Wish Foundation in Lewes

Come and join us for a fab, fun and great night out betting on the horses!

No knowledge of horse racing is needed and each bet is just £1!

**Please note that the bets and raffle are cash only** The bar is either!

So how does it work?

·  The guests will look at the Race Card prior to each race and select a horse or multiple horses that they would like to win.

· They go up to the tote desk and pay £1 for each bet – they can bet as much as they want on one or multiple horses.  Each bet is for a win only, there are no ‘each-way’ bets etc.

· There are no ‘odds’ or form involved – in fact no knowledge of racing is required!

· Once the tote desk is closed for the race, we will calculate how many tickets have been sold.  The ‘pot’ is then split 50/50 for which 50% is set aside for the chosen cause and 50% is then split amongst the winning tickets (rounded to the nearest pound)

o It really is that easy to come and take part!

So why not scan the QR code below and book your ticket today!

We cant wait to see you!

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