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Privacy Notice

Important information with regard to information sharing and our privacy policy:


Oscar's Wish Foundation (OWF) is a registered charity (1169892)


Our registered postal address is OWF HQ, 23 Tulip Tree Road, Worthing, West Sussex BN13 3FZ.


We can be reached via e-mail at 

Privacy Notice and Consent

In May 2018, the law changed about how we record, store and use individuals’ personal data. Previously the Data Protection Act covered how this was managed.

in order for you to register with OWF for support we need to collect and hold data about you to enable us to signpost you for support - for example Specialist Bereavement Counselling. The GDPR law places a new obligation on us as a Charity to tell our Families in more detail why we collect your data, what we do with it and how long we expect to retain it. We also need to ensure you are fully consenting to this data being collected.


Your consent is requested

We would like your consent to hold personal and special data about you in order that we can refer you for specialist Bereavement Counselling. You are entirely in control of your decision to give consent to our use of your data as requested in this form. There will be no repercussions if you choose to withhold consent. However without some data we may not be able to make a decision on your suitability for Counselling for instance or comply with the law and therefore we may not be able to make an offer of Counselling support.

The specific data we wish to obtain and hold is as follows:



Contact number and email address

Children's names

We need to share your data with third party outside agencies such as various health services such as your Bereavement Midwife, Bereavement MCA or doctor/Consultant which can support you. 


Sharing your data

I hereby freely give Oscar's wish Foundation consent to use and process my personal data relating to my Bereavement Support.


Agreement to use my data

In giving my consent:

I understand that I can ask to see this data to check its accuracy at any time.

I understand that I can ask for a copy of the personal data held about me at any time, and that this request is free of charge.

I understand that I can request that data that is no longer required to be held can be removed from my file and destroyed.

I understand that Oscar's Wish Foundation is the Data Controller for my support and I can contact you directly if I have any questions or concerns about my data.

I understand that if I am dissatisfied with how you use my data, I can make a complaint to question usage.

By checking the box on the form I agree to the agreement to use my data.

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