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🤍 Fundraising Volunteers 🤍

🤍 Do you have between 2-4 hours available each week?

🤍 Do you consider yourself as hard working, innovative, ideas driven and resourceful?

🤍 Can you work as part of a team to lead a project but also work alone effectively?

🤍 Would you like to give back to your local community by volunteering?

If the answer is Yes, to the above questions then you are who we are looking for….. Please continue reading 🤍

Oscar’s Wish Foundation works tirelessly to provide bereavement support to families who are devastated by the loss of their baby or babies before during or shortly after birth.

Our mission is to erase loneliness and offer ways to gain support, understanding and community from others who have an understanding of baby loss.

We provide various levels of support to both the parents and children. (Mum, dad, birthing person and siblings)

Mums, dads, siblings and the wider family are all affected when a baby or babies die and the right support can mean a huge difference in the long term mental health of those affected.

We seek to encourage early intervention with funded counselling services, bereavement support and practical resources. Our services are funded and therefore are free to our parents &/or families to access. ** referred families **

🤍 Your time, knowledge & fundraising ability would mean a huge amount to us and our projects.🤍

If you want to have a chat and know more about our work, this voluntary position and how we volunteer within the hospitals then email Gemma- or send us a message.

It would be our pleasure to explain how and why we refurbish spaces to give family’s time, space and reflection to say hello and goodbye to their precious children in a dignified and supportive way and how our support can help those grieving their baby or babies.

Sending Love & Support from Oscar’s Wish Foundation 💙💗

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