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Oscar’s Wish Foundation turns 7 today!

7 years ago today we were setting up ready for the day that we had been building up to, working hard for and fundraising to create.

Feeling nervous and quite unsure if anyone would arrive to the launch we were very surprised to actually not be able to fit everyone in.

The *Official* launch of Oscar’s Wish Foundation and ribbon cutting presentation took place with friends, family, members of our community and some hospital staff.

A very overwhelming afternoon has lead us to today.

7 years on.

100’s and 100’s of families offered support and access to our funded services, many events held, lots of fundraising, awareness raising, hospital refurbishments projects completed and of course our funded counselling for parents and sibling support programs and sibling play dates.

Our initial aim was to support around 20 families a year…. but not knowing how many parents and families were affected- we quickly realised this was more likely to be around 120 a year locally.

The death of a baby before, during or shortly after birth is not “just one of those things” and it is not an experience that we “get over”.

Educating the general public, health professionals and society how they can support bereaved parents has been at the heart of everything that we do.

A huge thank you to every parent that has entrusted us to be part of their journey, to learn about their precious baby/ babies.

To every trustee snd volunteer who has supported our aims and objectives- thank you.

To every supporter, follower and person who engages with our work- thank you.

To every little life- we honour you.

To every bereaved parents- we hear you and stand with you.

To every health care professional making a difference in bereavement care- we show gratitude.

To every sibling missing their brother or sister- we support you.

“Remembering our babies & honouring their little lives”

Dads Grieve Too hosted by Oscar's Wish Foundation

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