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Raising awareness of mental health and the impact after the loss of a baby or babies

👉🏼Mental health refers to our emotional, psychological, and social well-being.

👉🏾Grieving for your precious baby/ babies will inevitably impact on your wellbeing. Grieving is often extremely intense emotionally and it can feel really difficult to cope with those emotions at times.

👉🏻Mental health isn’t the same as mental illness though, i.e. the majority of grieving parents don’t have symptoms that would be diagnosable as a mental health problem.

👉🏿It can be really hard therefore to get free therapy/ support from the NHS for grief. This is why OWF are so passionate about offering 6 sessions of free counselling to Sussex based families.

How has your loss affected your well-being?

Have you felt supported with it?

Please feel free to ask any questions about mental health and/or accessing mental health support feel free to email or message. We’re here for you 🤍

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