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Bereaved Parents Month- July 2023

Bereaved Parents month means another opportunity to raise awareness. Our Dad's Grieve Too campaign is ongoing and aims to remind us that Dad's do grieve too.

Click on the link below to see our awareness documentary filmed back in 2019.

The impact that child loss has on a Dad is huge.... It is not always immediate but the impact at some point will be there.

Dads Grieve and very often they are "the forgotten ones".

"Being Strong" "Being there for my partner" "Coping because I have too" are all phrases that we hear every week and it is vital that Dads, Daddy's and fathers are recognised as they hurt too.

These overwhelming feelings of the grief and mourning process can often result in fathers wanting to be strong for the rest of the family and for their partners.

In turn dad's often hide any emotions and submerge themselves into work in order to take their minds off the death of their child/Children. This is where we need to unite and we need to share our stories, our baby's and them them they are not alone.

Sadly society can often expect fathers "to be strong and hide their feelings" but, there is a time and a place "to be strong" and the loss of a child is not one of them......

We can help you feel confident to reach out for help and express emotions... build a community around you who are non Judgemental and understanding.

Remember that asking for help is not a sign of weakness but one of great courage.

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