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BLAW 2023- How you can get involved

Getting Involved in this years BLAW (Baby Loss Awareness Week)

There are numerous ways to participate in Baby Loss Awareness Week and show your support for our community and the hundreds of families that are supported by Oscar's Wish Foundation each year

1. Wear a Ribbon: The pink and blue ribbon is the symbol of Baby Loss Awareness Week. Wearing one shows solidarity with those who have experienced baby loss. If you would like to you can purchase one from our online charity shop:

2. Attend an Event: As we previously mentioned we sadly are not holding our annual WOL (Wave of Light) this year. It is heartbreaking and we are very sorry. However there are other events taking place or you can light your candle at home at 7pm and take part in the Wave of Light helping to keep a continuous light around the globe.

3. Donate: Consider making a donation to Oscar's Wish Foundation during BLAW. With the support we gain, we are able to continue offering the much needed support to bereaved parents and children following the loss of a baby or babies.

4. Share Stories: If you or someone you know has been impacted by baby loss, sharing your story can provide comfort and encouragement to others. Social media platforms offer a powerful way to raise awareness. We gently invite you to add your story to our group in our private online community if you would like to?

5. Fundraise: Some families /parents like to honour their baby’s memory during BLAW through fundraising activities? Pop us an email and we can help you!

Supporting Those in Need

Baby Loss Awareness Week is a time to stand together- united in honour of our precious babies. It is a time for reflection and a time to remember.

Please take care of your hearts and remember that we are here to provide support to those who have experienced the unbelievable pain of losing a baby at any gestation and hower recent or long ago.

Oscar's Wish Foundation will always offer an undevoted dedication to supporting bereaved parents and families through the devastating loss of a baby to Stillbirth, Neonatal Death, Miscarriage and TFMR.

"Remembering our babies and honouring their little lives"

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