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Christmas baby loss Memorial Service 2022

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

We Welcome you to our Fourth Memorial service hosted by Rev Jo Elliott and Oscar's Wish Foundation (In person event)

This year we are honoured to be able to invite you to attend in person. (The previous 2 years events were recorded to enable the service to still go ahead)

This gathering has been created for our loved babies who have died and were cared for by both the RSCH and the PRH.

We also welcome others who may want to attend to support you.

We welcome those among you who are parents bereaved by the loss of a baby in pregnancy, at birth or shorty after.

This is a special, hidden and often secret loss, but today at last we can bring all those feelings into the open and share them. We welcome the children, whose sisters and brothers they never knew; we welcome grandparents who have suffered the loss of a grandchild.

We will unite and remember all babies.

We will light a special candle to celebrate our babies lives.

As we light it the tiny flame casting its light far and wide reminds us of the light of those tiny lives and as we read their precious names we give thanks for each one of them and the joy they brought to the world.

We would be honoured if you would join us. Please RSVP by following the link below

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