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Christmas service of celebration and memorial 2022

🎄This Sunday we Welcome you to our Fourth Memorial service hosted by Rev Jo Elliott and Oscar's Wish Foundation (In person event)

🎄This gathering has been created for our loved babies who have died and were cared for by both the RSCH and the PRH.

We also welcome others who may want to attend to support you.

🎄We welcome those among you who are parents bereaved by the loss of a baby in pregnancy, at birth or shorty after.

🎄We will unite and remember all babies.

We will light a special candle to celebrate our babies lives as we read their beautiful names aloud.

There have been lots of questions sent to us so we felt it would be helpful to create a FAQ over a range of posts to answer these questions.

Please do have a read over them as they may be questions that you have too.

Registration is now closed to enable us time to ensure that we can manage all final preparations.

Sending love.

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