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*NEW* Bereavement Suite official opening

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

26th June 2018 saw the office opening of the fully renovated and fully decorated Bereavement Suite.

The *NEW* Bereavement Suite at the RSCH is officially declared open and the red ribbon was cut by Bereavement Midwife and labour ward lead, Hayley.

Hayley and Shelley (Bereavement midwives) have worked tirelessly to ensure that the Suite was ready for the opening yesterday. They worked alongside Kara, Leanne, myself from Oscar’s Wish Foundation and David from Abigail's Footsteps who focussed on each stage of the project from discussion last year to fruition today.

The project was projected forward by 6-8 months because of the project winning an amazing opportunity and coming out on top.

Family construction company NOVUS chose this project from many other applications. In a £20,000 renovation project the team at Novus worked every hour possible, most days without a break to get the 2 week timescale completed... absolutely phenomenal work ethic for the most amazing cause.

“It was a no brainier, it had to happen and we knew we could do it within 2 weeks”

Novus we’re celebrating 120 years in business and this was one of 5 projects they will complete as part of “giving back to the community”. Sophie from Novus explained why she felt so touched by the project and we exchanged our personal reasons for the impact of the Suite.

The day flowed beautifully with emotional speeches from both midwives, parents and both charities and we thanked everyone for their part in making it happen. Making this dream become a reality...

“100 families could need to use this room over the next year so the impact of this suite will be huge. We have looked after over 300 families and we wish they had had access to this space too”.

The “homely”feel has been created by the team (Hayley, Shelley, Kara, Leanne and Gemma) overseeing the project and it coincides with the beautiful theme at the Willow Room at the PRH, which OWF refurbished is October 2017. There are beautiful little touches, precious keepsakes and opportunities for families to make special memories with their baby/ies.

The Suite has everything a family might need and although it is an going project, a family will be provided with care, comfort and understanding during their time here... the resources will enable families to reach out for support and have opportunities to spend time with their little one/s.

“No one should ever have to lose their baby, it is devastating and your world falls apart. Knowing that you can honour them with the resources this space provides in so humbling”

We wish that there was never ever a need for this kind of Suite and that families never needed this kind of service but due to the devastating need that there is, we truly are honoured to be the team making it happen.

Tears, tears and more tears..... love OWF

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