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Cumnor House Sussex names Oscar's Wish Foundation as one of the chosen Charities of the year 2023/24

"Oh my goodness, wow that is just wonderful news, this has made my entire week!" This was my response to the call that I received from Rob at Cumnor House a few weeks ago. Rob and I crossed paths years ago when we (OWF) were the fortunate chosen charity for Black House to fund rasie for. It was so lovely to hear from Rob again, with such exciting news too!

On Wednesday (15th November) our Charity Director, Gemma will present to 400 pupils and staff at Cumnor House Sussex. Explaining in an informative and gentle way what Oscar's Wish Foundation works hard to offer families across Sussex.

We are excited to be working alongside Cumnor families, school and children and truly cannot thank you enough for making us one of your chosen charities this year.

A huge extended thank you to those who nominated and voted for OWF in the school vote.

Cumnor House School has a special place in my heart and is a school that I have made many friends, many memories at and feel passionately about the outstanding education that the children receive here. (My personal point of view)

To find out more please take some time to look at the school Website

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