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* NEW * Refurbished Early Pregnancy Unit re- opens at the PRH, Haywards Heath

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

The Team at Oscar’s Wish Foundation have completed a 3 month long project and re- opened the Early Pregnancy Unit and the newly named "Little Stars Room".

The Team comprising of Charity Founder- Gemma and two of the charities Trustees- Sarah and Kirsten, along with OWF Support Group volunteers Lisa and Natasza, lovingly created a beautiful space for families using the unit in the future. The team were supported by EPU Nurse Kerrie Woodall and her husband who was instrumental in the dressing of the suite.

Local decorating duo, Sara and Paul, from P Moult and Associates came on board to decorate the space using calming colours chosen by parents who had been part of the research for another project within the hospital. Sara said "it is our pleasure to be involved". The couple worked late into the night to ensure that wok was completed in time.

We held many meetings with the supportive staff team, lead by Kirsty Taylor and were met with positivity when suggesting some key changes. We gave a presentation to the team, sharing the Image Board that developed as our ideas unfolded. We discussed how the space would create a calm working environment as well as an attractive unit within the hospital.

The first room that was refurbished was the “quiet room” this is the room that will be available for parents who receive sad news after an early scan.. they may have devastatingly been told that “there is no heartbeat” or that the Sonographer is unable to see little one.

The space was designed with comfort and time in mind. This room has been named "The Little Stars Room".

The room is a small space so our intention was to create an illusion of space and create a soft, cosy place to just “be”.... It is situated just off of the main ward and allows time to process the heartbreaking news. The intentions were that the room followed the theme of the waiting area and also the Willow room (PRH) and Willow Suite (RSCH) to enable continuity across both hospitals...

Thank you to Brewers of Uckfield for their amazing donation of paint to complete the work.

The feedback from the space has been largely positive and a comfort knowing that working closely with our bereaved parents and the EPU staff we can bring positive change to better support our families.

We would like to Thank Team EPU for your support and encouragement.

Our Thanks to-

Sarah, Kirsten and Gemma (OWF)

Sarah and Paul Moult (P Moult and Associates)

Lisa and Natasza (OWF Volunteers)

Kirsty and Kerrie (EPU)

Brewers (Uckfield)

Kerrie's fab husband (chief furniture builder!)

Love OWF

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