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It's OWF's 4th Anniversary!

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

"Twinkle, Twinkle little Star do you know how loved you are?"

This time 4 years ago I should have been welcoming my little boy, Oscar into the world.... He was born prematurely at 6 months gestation and after 9 hours of painful labour he was born and his little heart had stopped beating. Oscar had spent from 18- 26 weeks fighting in my womb with very little amniotic fluid (1.4cm in the deepest pool) instead of swimming around in a huge sac full of fluid like many other little ones.... Everyday was a frightening challenge to get through on complete bed rest in the PRH, frightened to move in case that last little bit went too.

As a devastated and completely broken mummy sat on the 13th floor of the RSCH the morning after he was born i got this fire in my heat..... I knew that he was telling me to make sure that his little life had not been in vain.

Oscar has fuelled a need to reach out to other families who need to about their precious babies.... to not feel silenced or afraid of telling their story... their journey and their baby matter and it is important that they feel supported as they navigate through.

Together with my amazing friends, my family and other parents that I met through losing Oscar we had set ourselves a target and that was to reach out to as many families as we could who were in our position.....

We launched our Charity in honour of all of our babies on February 14th 2015. Naively thinking we might help 10-15 families in the course of a year .....we were quickly un indated and within the first year had had contact with over 92 families.... heartbroken for every new family that joined our army for breaking the silence. It was important to all of us to grow our charity and offer support in the areas that we were needed most.

On our 4th Anniversary, today we have calculated that we have replied to over 5,000 emails and messages, have 308 families registered to tap into support and held 4 Wave of light public events.

We honestly had no idea of how many parents were going to face this journey and we hope that none of them ever feel that they need to be alone..... sadly every week the referrals grow....

Our team has continued to grow and strengthen from our valuable trustees - Sarah, Kirsten, Tracey, Dave and Sophie to our amazing volunteers - Lisa, Natasza and Matt.

Our wonderful counsellors from Alternatives and All ears Counselling and every courageous heartbroken parent that has stood proud in honour of their baby/babies and raised awareness to help continue the support offered. (I wish I could tag you all!)

The phenomenal businesses and companies that have held charity events, collections and awareness days and to everyone who follows us, likes our posts and supports our work. You are all so wonderful.

Thank you to the writers, runners, knitters and cake bakers, the quiz hosts, event runners and wrist band wearers - the hospital staff, doctors and nurses, midwives and teams - We thank you!

We have a charity because of you.......Because of each and everyone of you doing this in honour and support of the little ones that brought us all together as a community of support for each other....

There are no words that can define the gratitude felt by each of us for that valued support.

Launching a refurbished space at the PRH and being part of the team that helped develop the Willow suite at the RSCH and now a refurbished EPU and quiet room we couldn’t be more honoured to have been involved.

Thank you to everyone who has supported, helped, donated and volunteered .... you should be so proud for the difference that you are and have made.... I salute each and everyone of you..... from the bottom of our hearts to the highest star in the sky - THANK YOU!

"Remembering our babies and honouring their little lives"

Happy Anniversary OWF!

Love Gemma, Sarah, Kirsten, Sophie, Dave and Tracey x

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