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It’s time to get walkin’ 👟

On Saturday, October 21st, 2023, we will be lacing up our hiking boots and heading out on our 2023 Charity Walk into the stunning southern countryside on a 19-mile venture from Global House to Guildford. But this isn’t just any walk; it’s a walk with a purpose.

The whole reason behind our team taking on this challenge is to raise funds for our chosen charity partner for 2023, the incredible Oscars Wish Oscar's Wish Foundation.

"We’re aiming to continue to support their mission of providing support and comfort to families following the loss of a baby or babies before, during, or shortly after birth."

"The work that Oscar's Wish Foundation do is nothing short of incredible, and any and all donations to this charity are greatly appreciated." (Global4)

We know that you will all help them on their way and support them! Please do the sun dance for them or donate what you can to keep morale high in this treacherous weather.

The donation link is below-

Thank you for your kind support and thank you Global 4 for being just amazing!

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