Limited Edition Wave of Light Candles created for Oscar’s Wish Foundation 2021

Beautiful. Delicate. Precious. 💫 Wave of Light 2021 💫

Limited Edition

Delicately scented Lilly White hand poured candle dedicated to the Wave of Light 2021

Created especially for Oscar’s Wish Foundation

The design features a small silver star to honour your little one.

Please do request additional stars to add to your candle to honour all of your babies. (Additional Stars can be silver, pink or blue)

⭐️ All of our product prices include 2nd class postage ⭐️

You can order yours here-

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On Saturday 12th March this year- Nadir ran a half marathon to raise money for us. Nadir said “In doing so, I hope to give back to Oscar's Wish Foundation so that they can continue to provide support