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March with our Midwives today

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Why should we march with midwives today - Sunday 21st November?

Below are some statistics that may help you make your decision;

* For every 30 newly qualified midwives 29 leave or never start; In 2018, the number of NHS midwives in England rose by only 67, despite 2132 qualified midwives graduating.

* 75% of midwives report skipping meals, with 25% saying they do so regularly.

* 60% of Midwives are considering leaving. 57% said they were considering leaving in the next year.

* 96% of student midwives reported mental health problems since the beginning of the pandemic

* 1/3 of Midwives have PTSD. 33% of midwives in a study conducted in 2014 displayed symptoms of clinical PTSD.

Click on the link below to find your local group;

At 2pm on 21st November 2021 groups of local supporters will gather in every town with a maternity unit in the UK to ask the government to:

● LISTEN to all staff and service users and their advocates

● FUND emergency retention of staff

● ENABLE all qualified midwives who are willing to work and support students to

enter training and finish their courses

● REDUCE the demands on staff

Let's stand together to help our midwives.

Re post MAMA Academy, The Safer Pregnancy Charity

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