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The support that we provide to University Sussex Hospitals

🫶🏽 Care Packs are a vital addition to our bereavement rooms- the Willow Room & Willow Suite @uhsussex hospitals.

They provide all with the chance to freshen up and feel clean and cared for when they haven’t had a chance to pack their hospital bag or have come in as an emergency.

There are care packs available that cater for both have a range of useful items including-

🫶🏽Soft packet of tissues

🫶🏽toothbrush & paste

🫶🏽shower gel


🫶🏽sanitary pad

🫶🏽hair band & clip

🫶🏽 lip balm

🫶🏽 Sponge or body puff

We will look more closely at the males packs next week.

Sending love & care from Team OWF 💙💗

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