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Wave of Light 2022

⭐️We are proud to announce that we are holding the gentle WAVE OF LIGHT to unite families and honour our precious babies. Nina, Cail and ourselves warmly and gently welcome anyone affected by the loss of a baby or babies.

⭐️We invite you to join us on 15th October to mark the end of BLAW and to light a candle in honour of your baby or of your babies & to stand united in the knowledge that we come together as a mark of respect, reflection and understanding.

⭐️If you have been touched by the loss of a baby please know that you will be greeted with open, understanding arms to just "Be". There is absolutely no pressure to talk to anyone if you wish not too. We are all there to honour our babies and show solidarity.

⭐️If you have never been before and would like to ask any questions at all please do email

⭐️If you have experienced the devastating loss of a baby years ago or have lost a baby recently you are so welcome.

⭐️Everyone is welcome regardless of when or how you lost your precious little one/s. We welcome you all.

⭐️This calm, beautiful candle lit vigil brings a sense of unity and space.

⭐️Children are welcome to honour their siblings and we ask that you are responsible for them at all times please. We light real candles and use glass jars and do not wish for these to pose a hazard. Thank you for your understanding.

⭐️Take gentle care of yourselves and each other as we approach Baby Loss Awareness month, Week and the spot light is shone on our community. Thinking of you x

For more information & to register your interest please follow the link below-

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