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"We want to help Bereaved Children"

On 12th July 2020 Imani & Jonathan (Age 10 Years Old) set themselves a Tennis Challenge. They wanted to complete a rally of 100 hits in a row which they had never managed to complete before.

The challenge took place at Angmering-on-Sea Tennis and Lawn Club. Both boys had a positive mindset and wanted to help raise awareness and funds to start a new project supporting children who have lost a baby brother or sister. 

They knew it could take a long time but they smashed their target within 15 mins of warming up. They went on to do this multiple times and set a new target of 200 rallies.

"We want to help children to understand their feelings and emotions." (Imani, age 10)

The boys were thrilled to receive their medals and certificates from Oscar's Wish Foundation and to be told that they had jointly raised £550 for our children's Bereavement Support Programme.

Absolutely incredible! Well done Jonathan and Imani.

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